Mimetic Words


If you speak English, you already speak some Japanese. This course teaches you to identify and use the many English words hidden throughout the Japanese language. Learn to speak in the casual style used among friends and family and practice using English loanwords in Japanese. Consider this course your cheat sheet for learning Japanese.

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Japanese Mimetic Words

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  • My Heart Is Pounding!

    Japanese Mimetic Words

    My Heart Is Pounding!

    • Describe Physical or Emotional States
    • Describe the Weather
    • Discuss a Plan for the Day
    • Inquire or Comment on Someone's Behavior
    • Talk About Courtship Customs in Japan
    • Communicate in the Casual Style of Speech
    • Identify Onomatopeia and Mimetic Words in Japanese
    • Recognize the Conjunctions けど and でも
    • Use Different Forms of the Basic Verb する
    • Use Particles , , , , , and .