St Patrick's Irish

Embark on an adventure across the Emerald Isle and explore the enchanting land where beauty is matched only by mystery. Like a living fairy tale, Ireland is ripe with timeless castles, sweeping landscapes, and folklore come to life. Kiss the Blarney Stone, search for Fionn mac Cumhaill at Giant’s Causeway, and take in breathtaking scenery at St. Patrick’s Rock. Escape to Ireland and use your language skills to raise a glass to new friendship by saying Sláinte (cheers)!

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Learn Through Conversations

Chapter 1: Greetings, Gratitude, Goodbyes

Conversational Goals

  • Become Familiar with Irish Names
  • Greet People
  • Make Small Talk with Strangers
  • Order Drinks and Meals
  • Say Goodbye

Grammar Goals

  • Be Introduced to Genitives
  • Be Introduced to the Basic Word Order (verb first)
  • Learn Personal & Prepositional Pronouns
  • Learn the Verb B in the Simple Present Tenseí
  • Use I in Phrases of Identification and Classifications

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