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A Mango holding a book.

Public Libraries

Orange Manguito wearing glasses.

Higher Education

Green Mango in a suit.


Manguito Family of four.


Green mango in a suit.

Global Mobility

Three manguitos standing together in a group.

K-12 Schools

Mango reading a book.


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Romance, French


Learn flirty phrases and romantic conversations in French with this love-filled course.

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Learn Through Conversations

Whisper Sweet Nothings

Click a topic below to see the grammar goals and conversational goals for each chapter.

  • Let's Have a Drink!

    Whisper Sweet Nothings

    Let's Have a Drink!

    • Inquire About Somebody's Habits
    • Offer to Buy Somebody a Drink
    • Strike up a Conversation
    • Use Terms of Endearment
    • Construct Negation
    • Use Direct Object Pronouns
    • Use Possessive Pronouns in the Singular Form