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Learn Through Conversations

Unit 1

Click a topic below to see the grammar goals and conversational goals for each chapter.

  • Business Social

    Unit 1

    Business Social

    • Demonstrate Excitement and/or Empathy
    • Make Social Business Plans
    • Talk Socially About Business Topics
    • Learn New Measure Words
    • Practice Direction Verbs
    • Use to Introduce Subsequent Actions or Events
  • Greetings / Introductions

    Unit 1

    Greetings / Introductions

    • Discuss Business Goals and Plans
    • Learn New Business Terminology
    • Learn Some New Business Idioms
    • Indicate the Earliness of an Action With
    • Learn the Difference Between and 说话 for "To Talk"
    • Practice the Present Progressive Tense With
    • Understand the Difference Between the Conjunctions and
  • Meetings / Conference Calls

    Unit 1

    Meetings / Conference Calls

    • Learn New Business Idioms
    • Review Departmental Updates
    • Use Conference Call & Technical Terminology
    • Connect Modifiers With Their Nouns Using
    • Practice Verb Reduplication
    • Reinforce the + Object + Verb Structure
  • Presentations

    Unit 1


    • Give Instructions About Asking Questions
    • Introduce and Outline Your Presentation
    • Learn New Business Idioms / Terminology
    • Properly Conclude a Presentation
    • Welcome Your Audience
    • Learn the Conditional Form of
    • Practice Verb Reduplication
    • Use as a Preposition of Time
  • Negotiations

    Unit 1


    • Learn Some New Negotiations Idioms
    • Negotiate Contract Details
    • Object and/or Accept an Offer
    • Learn the Formal Form of "To Be; Am; Are; Is"
    • Learn the Formal Interrogative 能否
    • Learn the 所......的 Structure
    • Practice the + Object + Verb Structure
    • Practice Verb Reduplication