Soccer Celebration

Learn soccer-specific Brazilian Portuguese with this course devoted entirely to the celebration of o jogo bonito. You’ll even be able to the ref a donkey! Whether you’re watching in a bar, on your couch, or from the game’s host city, you’ll have more fun with more people when you celebrate in two languages. Let the games begin!

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Learn Through Conversations

Chapter 1: Let's Watch the Game Together!

Conversational Goals

  • Arrange to Watch a Game Together
  • Learn Slang and Terms of Endearment
  • Meet New People

Grammar Goals

  • Learn How to Ask Questions
  • Make Simple Statements in the Present Tense
  • Talk About Time

Chapter 2: That referee made a terrible call!

Conversational Goals

  • Learn Common Slang Words and Insults
  • Talk Smack at a Soccer Game
  • Yell at an Official for Making a Bad Call

Grammar Goals

  • Express Agreement
  • Express Your Disbelief
  • Use Soccer Terminology

Chapter 3: Ronaldo is the greatest player!

Conversational Goals

  • Cheer on Your Favorite Team
  • Discuss the Qualities of Different Soccer Players
  • Predict the Outcome of a Game
  • Talk Smack at a Soccer Game

Grammar Goals

  • Learn to Express Superlatives
  • Make Comparisons
  • State Predictions in the Future Tense

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