Hospitality and Tourism, Portuguese (Brazilian)

Ready for an adventure? Learn to plan your next Brazilian excursion with this course devoted to Hospitality and Tourism in Brazilian Portuguese. You’ll learn to discuss your plans and preferences, arrange transportation, and book your accommodations. Whether you’ll be exploring the Tijuca Rainforest or relaxing on a pristine coastal beach, your next trip to Brazil is sure to be a success.

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Learn Through Conversations

Chapter 1: Planning a Trip

Conversational Goals

  • Discuss Preferences About an Upcoming Trip
  • Discuss Types of Transportation and Accommodation
  • Plan Tourist Activities

Grammar Goals

  • Be Introduced to Gender Agreement
  • Conjugate Verbs in Present and Future
  • Form Negative and Interrogative Sentences
  • Use Possessive Pronouns and Phrases
  • Use the Contracted Form of Prepositions and Articles

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