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Arabic, MSA

The great works of the Arabic World await you. Read the famous plays of Tawfiq al-Hakim, the poetry of Jamil Sidqi al-Zahawi, or simply catch up on the day’s news in the local newspaper. As the official language across 27 states and throughout parts of the Middle East and Africa, this literary standard invites you to engage with intellectual works and important texts across time and space. Travel the Middle East and discover the magic among these ancient and modern lands.

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Learn Through Conversations


Click a topic below to see the grammar goals and conversational goals for each chapter.

  • Who Are You?


    Who Are You?

    • Greet Others and Bid Them Farewell
    • Introduce Yourself Formally
    • Meet New People
    • Be Introduced to Verbless Sentences
    • Identify Subject Pronouns
    • Learn the 1st and 2nd Person Singular Possessive Pronouns
    • Learn the Personal Pronoun أنا
    • Use the Question Words ما and كيف
  • We are Family


    We are Family

    • Ask Questions Regarding Familial Relationships
    • Describe Someone in Relation to Family Members
    • Introduce Someone Else
    • Form Feminine Nouns
    • Form Yes / No Questions
    • Learn the 3rd Person Singular of Present Tense
    • Learn the Demonstrative Pronouns هذه and هذا
  • Getting to Know You


    Getting to Know You

    • Articulate Feelings
    • Describe Physical Characteristics
    • Express Interest
    • Inquire About a Stranger
    • Be Introduced to Object Pronouns
    • Form Feminine Adjectives
    • Learn the 2nd Person Singular of Present Tense
    • Use the Particle إنّ With Pronouns
  • There’s No Place Like Home


    There’s No Place Like Home

    • Explain That You Are a Non-native Speaker
    • Explain Where You Are From
    • Identify Languages and Countries
    • Inquire About Someone’s Ability to Speak a Language
    • Form Relational Adjectives
    • Learn the Personal Pronoun أنت
    • Practice Noun - Adjective Word Order and Agreement
    • Understand Adverb Formation With بِ
  • Where did you go to School?


    Where did you go to School?

    • Discuss the Merits of a School
    • Inquire About Programs
    • Be Introduced to Past Tense
    • Form the Comparative and Superlative Degree of Adjectives
    • Learn the Demonstrative Pronoun تلك


Click a topic below to see the grammar goals and conversational goals for each chapter.

  • “How do you say….?”


    “How do you say….?”

    • Ask for Clarification
    • Provide and Obtain New Information
    • Request New Vocabulary
    • Apply Adjective Agreement with Feminine Nouns in Plural
    • Be Introduced to the Definite Article
    • Learn the Negation Particle ‎ليس
    • Learn the Plural Ending ات
  • Haggling and Money


    Haggling and Money

    • Ask the Price for Something
    • Buy a Ticket for Travel
    • Count
    • Negotiate
    • Apply Noun-Numerical Adjective Agreement
    • Be Introduced to Dual Number
    • Learn About the Assimilation of the Definite Article
    • Learn the Verb يمكن
    • Use the Pronoun ما in Relative Clauses
  • In My Closet


    In My Closet

    • Express Future Plans
    • Identify Various Articles of Clothing
    • Question Statements Made by Others
    • Learn the First Person Plural of Present Tense
    • Learn the Future Tense
  • Shop till you Drop


    Shop till you Drop

    • Acquire Necessities
    • Find Places to Shop
    • Gather Information from a Native Speaker
    • Inquire About Shops in the Local Area
    • Learn the Present Continuous
    • Learn the Verb أستطيع
    • Use the Present Tense Negation لا
  • X Marks the Spot


    X Marks the Spot

    • Ask For and Receive Directions
    • Describe the Location of One Object in Relation to Another
    • Apply Demonstrative Adjective - Noun agreement
    • Be Introduced to Noonation
    • Learn the Imperative
    • Learn the Negation in the Imperative


Click a topic below to see the grammar goals and conversational goals for each chapter.


Click a topic below to see the grammar goals and conversational goals for each chapter.

  • I Don’t Feel Well


    I Don’t Feel Well

    • Ask for Medication
    • Describe Symptoms
    • Speak to a Pharmacist
    • Learn How to Express the Verb "To Have"
    • Use Expletive Pronouns in Verbless Sentences
    • Use و in a Series of Nouns
  • Let's Eat


    Let's Eat

    • Identify Items on the Dinner Table
    • Offer Assistance
    • Order a Meal
    • Understand the Customs of Local Dining
    • Learn the Verb يمكن
    • Practice Object Pronouns
    • Use Category Nouns
  • I Can’t Eat That


    I Can’t Eat That

    • Ask Whether a Dish Contains Certain Ingredients
    • Explain That You Require a Special Diet
    • Give Compliments
    • Reference Senses
    • Express"Each" and "All" with كل
    • Use the Particle أنَّ
    • Use أي (Any)
  • Help!



    • Ask Questions
    • Declare that a Problem Exists
    • State That You do not Know Something
    • Be Introduced to Passive Voice
    • Practice Word Order in Wh-Questions
  • What is Your Emergency?


    What is Your Emergency?

    • Answer Questions
    • Request Emergency Aid
    • Learn How ة Changes Before Possessive Endings
    • Learn More on Vowel Changes in Passive Voice
    • Learn Past Tense Endings