The comprehensive language learning resource you’ve been searching for.

Our conversation-based methodology has been proven to be effective in helping learners of all proficiency levels achieve their language-learning goals.

What sets Mango Classroom apart is our proficiency scale, which compares favorably to internationally-recognized standards of proficiency.

This means that not only will your students learn a new language, but they will also be able to measure their progress and achievements in a way that is recognized worldwide.

Our most popular language courses are designed to challenge learners at a range of proficiency levels, taking them to a Skilled 3 proficiency level, which is comparable to ACTFL Novice Low – Intermediate High and CEFR A1 – B1.

We understand the importance of keeping learners on track, which is why we offer a free downloadable PDF that breaks down the levels students can reach with Mango Classroom. This provides a clear understanding of the progress that can be made and ensures that learners stay motivated and engaged throughout the language learning journey.

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