7-Day Challenge

Sharpen your language-learning skills with the help of a 7-day challenge! It’s a quick and fun way to develop some good habits that will help you become a better learner. And if you complete the challenge, you could win up to a whole year of Mango for free.


About this challenge

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Learning a new language can be a challenge in itself. Forming good habits will definitely help. Most experts agree that it takes anywhere from 30 to as many as 80 days to form a habit. We may not be experts in the science of forming habits, but we are experts in understanding how to help you learn a language.

So, we created these incremental challenges to help get you off to a good start. To complete the challenge, you’ll need to do the following for 7 days in a row:

  • Spend a few minutes each day completing a new lesson.
  • Use our Daily Review feature to review what you’ve already learned (don’t worry, we build the daily review activities for you).

Doing these two things will make a big difference. You’ll be amazed at your ability to recall what you’ve already learned!


Days Challenge Badge

How do you participate?

It’s pretty simple – use Mango! Once the challenge starts, we’ll send you an email every day for 7 days. Each day, we’ll update you on your progress. You’ll also find motivational messages around language learning and forming good habits. Lastly, you’ll get tips and tricks that will help you learn put together by our awesome team of linguists.

What happens at the end of 7 days?

First, if you successfully studied every day of the challenge, you’ll get a badge that you can use to show off your accomplishment. Share your badge on Instagram or Facebook stories and you’ll be entered to win a prize for completing the challenge. Don’t forget to tag us (@mangolanguages)!

Second, if you enjoyed the challenge or want to take another shot at completing the 7-day streak, you can sign up for another challenge. A new challenge starts every week, so enter as many times as you’d like! Complete 4 challenges to earn all 4 badges! You’ll be amazed at how much you can learn in one month.

Each month, everyone who completed at least one challenge (all 7 days) will be entered into a drawing to win a FREE one-year subscription to all of our languages – that’s a $179.99 value!

Are you up for the challenge?​


To sign up, provide your email address and click the Sign up button. That’s it. You’ll get an email on the first day with next steps. It’s absolutely free to join. The next weekly challenge starts soon!

Note: You must use the same email address that you use for your Mango account. If you don't have a Mango account, sign up for one. Then come back and sign up for the challenge.
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