Latin may be considered a dead language by some, but it is still alive in so many ways! Due to the expanse and longevity of the Roman Empire, Latin influenced English as well as many of the other languages that influenced English years later. So, by choosing to study Latin, you’re not only connecting with texts that were written thousands of years ago, you’re also connecting with many of the modern languages we know and love today!

Learn Through Conversations

Latin Readings: Caesar, Phaedrus, Martial, and Cicero

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  1. Gallic Wars 1.1.1 (adapted)
  2. Gallic Wars 1.1.2
  3. Gallic Wars 1.1.3
  4. Gallic Wars 1.1.4 (adapted)
  5. Phaedrus' "The Frog that Burst" 1
  1. Phaedrus' "The Frog that Burst" 2
  2. Martial 6.60
  3. Cicero, Pro Archia 13.1
  4. Cicero, Pro Archia 13.2
  5. Cicero, Pro Archia 14.1