Negative Happy Chainsaw Edge

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2008 •  1:50 •  Action, HorrorDirector: Takuji Kitamura

A young slacker discovers his true purpose in life after falling in love with a knife-wielding beauty locked in an eternal battle against a menacing giant with a chainsaw for a hand director Takuji Kitamura's adaptation of author Tatsuhiko Takimoto popular cult novel. Ever since his best friend died one year ago, Yosuke has been sleepwalking his way through life. It's not that Yosuke lacks intelligence; he just doesn't really see the point in living when life can be taken in the blink of an eye. One night, while wandering the darkened city streets, the depressive Yosuke happens across mournful young beauty Eri. Eri, too, is nursing a painful loss, though she has precious little time to grieve thanks to the menacing giant who falls from the sky determined to carve her up with his enormous chainsaw-hand. It's evident from Eri's arsenal of hidden blades that this is a fairly regular occurrence, and though it's plain to see that she's fully capable of handling the task at hand, Yosuke still can't resist the urge to come to her aid. In helping Eri, Yosuke has finally found something to live for, but why does Eri have to fight in the first place, anyway? ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

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Mango feels most parents would allow teens ages 13 and up to watch this film,
however parental discretion should still be exercised.
This film contains:
Mild and/or minor use of mature language, Mild partial nudity, Violence, and Mild use of alcohol and tobacco.


Hayato Ichihara
Yosuke Yamamoto
Megumi Seki
Eri Yukizaki
Yosuke Asari
Haruma Miura
Itsuji Itao
Teacher Kato
Maho Nonami

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