English for Mandarin (Chinese) speakers


Learn the leading language of international conversation and begin your global adventure. As an official language in over 60 territories and widely spoken around the world, English is your ticket to international business, culture, and travel. The language has a rich history, with roots dating back to the 5th Century AD, and undergoing several dramatic transformations since then. Read some of the world’s most famed literature, philosophy, and modern media, or pen your own masterpiece to reach a global audience. Take your English to the Big Apple in the United States, the Harlech Castle in Wales, or the active volcanoes of New Zealand. Gain access to every corner of the globe when you master the sometimes tricky but always rewarding English language.

Learn Through Conversations



Click a topic below to see the grammar goals and conversational goals for each chapter.

  1. Greetings, Gratitude and Goodbyes 问候,道谢和告别
  2. I Don't Speak English Very Well 我的英语讲得不好
  3. Nice to Meet You 认识你很高兴
  4. I Start My New Job on Tuesday 我星期二开始上班
  5. Where is the Grocery Store? 食品杂货店在哪里?
  1. I'd Like To Open a Bank Account 我想开一个银行账户
  2. I Need Help 我需要帮助
  3. Are You Hiring? 你们现在正在招聘吗?
  4. Finding an Apartment or Vehicle 找房子或车子
  5. What Does This Word Mean? 这个单词什么意思?