I'll Believe You

English (for Spanish Speakers)

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2007 •  1:22 •  ComedyDirector: Paul Francis Sullivan

David Alan Basche (Carry Me Home, crazylove) stars in I'll Believe You, as Dale Sweeney, the radio host of an immensely unpopular late-night talk program on the AM dial. The only listeners whom Sweeney ever manages to drum up are nutty, half-zonked small-town denizens who want to discuss UFO sightings on the airwaves. Just prior to the final broadcast, with the program in arm's length of cancellation, Sweeney receives a strange phone call from an individual who speaks anxiously in an unintelligible language. The next morning, two federal agents turn up to question Sweeney, demonstrating heightened interest in one of the latest UFO sightings. Dale thus concludes that the caller was in fact an extraterrestrial, lost in his small town. He decides to report on the happenings during his broadcasts (which quadruples his audience size) and then bandies the locals into a collective search for the alien. Paul Francis Sullivan directs. [D-Man2010]

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Mango feels most parents would allow children ages 8 and up to watch this film,
however parental discretion should still be exercised.
This film contains:
Mild and/or minor use of mature language


David Alan Basche
Dale Sweeney
Patrick Warburton
Dr. Seth Douglass
Ed Helms
Chris Elliott
Eugene the Gator Guy
Fred Willard
Mr. Fratus
Siobhan Fallon
Larry Jean
Patrick Gallo
Officer Nick Senna
Cece Pleasants
Paige Zinke
Thomas Gibson
Kyle Sweeney

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